Our seaweed is a family business.

Mike Graham started farming seaweed with his wife Erica and eldest son Josh back in 2012. They were joined by Ross Clark, a leader in climate action and sustainability, right from the beginning.  Passionate about both the ocean and food, they all decided to work on bringing an incredibly delicious sea product to chefs, while practicing the most responsible and sustainable farming techniques.

The farm is located in Moss Landing, a small town on the western edge of the Salinas Valley.  Here Mike, Erica and the rest of their family grow a variety of seaweeds in tanks filled with seawater. Each of them take turns tending to the farming responsibilities to make sure that the seaweed is growing strong and staying safe in its rough and tumble seawater jacuzzi.  

Now, one could ask why would a family farm seaweed, but with Mike being a professor and phycologist (seaweed biologist) at California State University's Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, and Erica being a chef and restaurateur, they knew they were the perfect match to bring the most delicious and sustainably farmed seaweed direct to the table.


Ingredients: Sea Water & Sunshine

To farm seaweed you need good water, responsibly harvested (but only once!) seaweed "broodstock", sunshine and a big tank.  In these recirculating tanks, the seaweeds are tumbled through the cold sea water and that's pretty much it. All the tanks are carefully monitored and the seaweed is hand harvested for each order. This means that chefs are getting not only fresh, raw seaweed, but it is actually delivered alive.  After the seaweed is taken from the tank it is packed in sterilized seawater and sent directly to chefs.

This sustainable, land-based recirculating system is completely natural and never contaminated by chemicals or any additives. The only inputs are water and sunlight. The result from this type of farming is a fresh, delicious and sustainable seaweed ready to be used in salads, soups, main dishes, desserts and even cocktails.

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