A rare find on the West Coast, fresh dulse is now available to chefs on a daily basis.  Our dulse is delivered not just fresh and raw, but still alive. We package it in sterilized sea water so it is ready to use.

Dulse is a thicker brownish variety of red seaweed that is known for its 'bacon-like' flavor when fried. It can be used raw, steamed, fried or used to make a flavorful broth.  When the dulse is cooked it will lose its reddish-brown color and turn to a deep green. Dulse will become very crisp when fried and served as bar snacks, crumbled over other ingredients or used as structured layers to create a beautiful modern look. 

With a deep umami taste, we have used dulse to create broths used in innovative cocktails and as simple additions to traditional drinks such as an Ooh Mommy Bloody Mary. 

Dulse Nutritional Information